This Passsover was really blooming.  To see all the shots, open the page entitled: “A Gardener’s Eye View”.



A Visit to Sataf


So, this morning I took a notion to go to one of the prettiest places I know about. 

To get the full story, look over to the right of the blog.  There is a whole page devoted to it!

Hey, I wrote a story…

Well, I watched the little video thing.  O boy was that sad.  And, it set me thinking about kittys

I have owned.  So, I was inspiried to write this little thing.  It is on a seperate page.

(look on the right column of the home page for: “A Wooly Cat’s Tale”.)

oh, well

I guess I will wait till I get back to Jerusalem to post photos ’cause Mom’s ‘puter has no photo editor and I need to make them smaller.